Compte rendu ‒ Conseil des ADPIC ‒ Afficher les détails de l'intervention/la déclaration

Ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku (Zimbabwe)
Australia welcomes all the contributions that are made to this very important debate today and I think it's a debate that will be significant for the rest of the time that we have, for the rest of this year. Australia's understanding of the TRIPS Agreement is that it provides sufficient scope and flexibility to address health emergency situations. The TRIPS provides a balance of benefits for the public and right holders, which enables us to deal with the very serious health situation we have been discussing today and we look forward to discussing these issues in more depth at future meetings. It may be appropriate for this Council to encourage, for example, WIPO, to ensure that as the expert body providing technical assistance to inform countries in the drawing up of their TRIPS consistent legislation, that significant care is taken to enable Members to enact all the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement. Given the very detailed and substantive discussion that has taken place, it will assist our future discussions if the Secretariat could find a way to ensure that Members are provided with either copies of the statements or early delivery of their records. I think that if we can take this message back to capital, it would really help future discussions.