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Ambassador Eduardo Pérez Motta (Mexico)
C.i Scope and coverage
34. The representative of Japan said that, with respect to product coverage, this should include only patented products as described in the wording of paragraph 1 of the Declaration. Other comprehensive measures not directly related to paragraph 6 should play an important role in tackling the serious situation. With respect to beneficiary importing Members, he said that no new criteria other than insufficient or no manufacturing capacity should be used to classify Member countries as this would lead to further complications. As for supplying Members, the most eligible countries were those developing countries with sufficient manufacturing capacity. Japan, he said, took this position for three reasons: (a) there were many developing countries with adequate pharmaceutical manufacturing capacities; (b) such developing countries would be in a better position to supply medicines at affordable cost as this was what was required under the solution; and (c) limiting the supplying countries to developing countries would also be an incentive to such countries to further develop their manufacturing abilities.