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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
F.6 Next steps and recommendations
304. Turning to the Council's report to the General Council on the Annual Review of the Decision on the Implementation of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health, the Chairman recalled that the WTO Secretariat had prepared a draft cover note to this report (JOB/IP/1). It contained factual information on the implementation and use of the System established under the Decision, on discussions earlier in the year regarding its operation, and on the acceptance of the Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement. He proposed that, in accordance with the way that the Council had prepared its report in previous years, the part of the Minutes of the meeting reflecting the discussions held under this agenda item be attached to the cover note as an annex. 305. As he had noted under item A, Croatia had just notified its amended Patent Act which implemented the System. In addition, Albania had notified its new Law on Industrial Property, which also implemented the System. Therefore, Croatia and Albania would be added to the list of Members who had notified their domestic implementation, contained in paragraph 4 of the draft cover note. Furthermore, Uganda had notified its acceptance of the Protocol and would, therefore, be added to the list of Members in paragraph 12 of the draft cover note.