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Ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku (Zimbabwe)
B.iv Legislation of Members scheduled for review in June 2001
32. In accordance with the procedures for the reviews of legislation; the delegations of Albania; Argentina; Bahrain; Botswana; Costa Rica; Côte d'Ivoire; Croatia; Dominica; the Dominican Republic; Egypt; Fiji; Georgia; Honduras; Jamaica; Kenya; Mauritius; Morocco; Nicaragua; Oman; the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates each provided a brief introductory overview of the structure of their legislation in the areas covered by the Agreement and of the changes that they had had to bring about in order to make their legislation compatible with the TRIPS Agreement. The records of these introductory statements as well as the questions put to them and the responses given (including responses to follow-up questions given after the meeting) will be circulated in the following documents with the following symbols: Albania IP/Q/ALB/1; IP/Q2/ALB/1; IP/Q3/ALB/1; IP/Q4/ALB/1; Argentina IP/Q/ARG/1; IP/Q2/ARG/1; IP/Q3/ARG/1; IP/Q4/ARG/1; Bahrain IP/Q/BHR/1; IP/Q2/BHR/1; IP/Q3/BHR/1; IP/Q4/BHR/1; Botswana IP/Q/BWA/1; IP/Q2/BWA/1; IP/Q3/BWA/1; IP/Q4/BWA/1; Costa Rica IP/Q/CRI/1; IP/Q2/CRI/1; IP/Q3/CRI/1; IP/Q4/CRI/1; Cote d'Ivoire IP/Q/CIV/1; IP/Q2/CIV/1; IP/Q3/CIV/1; IP/Q4/CIV/1; Croatia IP/Q/HRV/1; IP/Q2/ HRV/1; IP/Q3/HRV/1; IP/Q4/HRV/1; Dominica IP/Q/DMA/1; IP/Q2/DMA/1; IP/Q3/DMA/1; IP/Q4/DMA/1; Dominican Republic IP/Q/DOM/1; IP/Q2/DOM/1; IP/Q3/DOM/1; IP/Q4/DOM/1; Egypt IP/Q/EGY/1; IP/Q2/EGY/1; IP/Q3/EGY/1; IP/Q4/EGY/1; Fiji IP/Q/FJI/1; IP/Q2/FJI/1; IP/Q3/FJI/1; IP/Q4/FJI/1; Georgia IP/Q/GEO/1; IP/Q2/GEO/1; IP/Q3/GEO/1; IP/Q4/GEO/1; Honduras IP/Q/HND/1; IP/Q2/HND/1; IP/Q3/HND/1; IP/Q4/HND/1; Jamaica IP/Q/JAM/1; IP/Q2/JAM/1; IP/Q3/JAM/1; IP/Q4/JAM/1; Kenya IP/Q/KEN/1; IP/Q2/KEN/1; IP/Q3/KEN/1; IP/Q4/KEN/1; Mauritius IP/Q/MUS/1; IP/Q2/MUS/1; IP/Q3/MUS/1; IP/Q4/MUS/1; Morocco IP/Q/MAR/1; IP/Q2/MAR/1; IP/Q3/MAR/1; IP/Q4/MAR/1; Nicaragua IP/Q/NIC/1; IP/Q2/NIC/1; IP/Q3/NIC/1; IP/Q4/NIC/1; Oman IP/Q/OMN/1; IP/Q2/OMN/1; IP/Q3/OMN/1; IP/Q4/OMN/1; The Philippines IP/Q/PHL/1; IP/Q2/PHL/1; IP/Q3/PHL/1; IP/Q4/PHL/1; United Arab Emirates IP/Q/ARE/1; IP/Q2/ARE/1; IP/Q3/ARE/1; IP/Q4/ARE/1.