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Ambassador Mothusi Palai (Botswana)
World Trade Organization
116. Since 2009, we have worked with the guidance of the LDC Group of Members to undertake a series of workshops and seminars, both on a regional basis and here in Geneva. The workshop that will open tomorrow afternoon is the next step in this programme of coordination in this area. The focus of the workshop is exactly as the title indicates, namely Realizing Development Objectives of the Intellectual Property System: LDC Priority Needs for Technical and Financial Cooperation. 117. The workshop aims to improve the flow of information about available technical and financial cooperation and the matching of the available resources with the needs and priorities that have been identified by LDC Members in this area. The essential focus is on the promotion of the flow of information and coordination of programmes for greater effect for the benefit of LDC Members in line with the development priorities that they themselves have identified and communicated. 118. Since such a strong emphasis lies on information flows and coordination, the workshop will include participation from other intergovernmental organizations: WIPO in particular as a key player in this area, but also UNCTAD and the other technical cooperation partners in this area. Developed country Members with active programmes in this area are also participating. The format of the workshop is initially to review the current state of play, the existing programmes and activities, and the work that has been done to improve coordination; and then to look at the specific state of play in a number of LDC Members. It will then to move to very informal roundtable conversations firstly highlighting areas of priority and technical cooperation that link the IP system with development objectives, and secondly looking at ideas and proposals that have been put forward to improve the flow of information and the coordination of resources so as to meet the priority needs identified by LDC Members. The focus therefore is very much on the technical cooperation aspect and the improvement of coordination of technical cooperation programmes in this area. We can obviously provide any interested delegations with more details if that is helpful.
IP/C/M/76, IP/C/M/76/Add.1