Compte rendu ‒ Conseil des ADPIC ‒ Afficher les détails de l'intervention/la déclaration

Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
A.2.i Procedures for giving effect to the obligation to notify implementing legislation under Article 63.2
3. The Chairman said that he had circulated in documents IP/C/W/6/Rev.1 (basic procedures), IP/C/W/7/Rev.1 (the schedule for 1996/1997) and IP/C/W/8/Rev.1 (the format for the listing of "other laws and regulations") draft decisions which reflected the informal consultations that he had held. With regard to document IP/C/W/9 (the checklist of issues on enforcement), he proposed, on the basis of further consultations held on this matter, the following amendments: -the insertion in line 2 of the chapeau, after the words "issues below", of the words "as soon as possible after the time that a Member is obliged to start applying the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement on enforcement"; -a new paragraph 2 in the chapeau which would read: "The checklist will be reviewed by the Council, in the light of experience, at the end of 1997, inter alia to identify any elements which have proved unduly burdensome in relation to the usefulness of the information provided"; -the substitution of the language in point 13 by that in point 8; -the substitution of the language in point 17 by that in point 8 together with the phrase "How long is the validity of decisions by the competent authorities for the suspension of the release of goods into free circulation?"; -the amendment of the second sentence of point 22 to read "Are they required to do this on their own initiative and/or in response to complaints?" Turning to document IP/C/W/6/Rev.1, he believed that the proposals that he had made on document IP/C/W/9 had responded to the concerns expressed in relation to paragraph 12. In regard to paragraph 11, he opened the floor for comments.