Compte rendu ‒ Conseil des ADPIC ‒ Afficher les détails de l'intervention/la déclaration

Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
États-Unis d'Amérique
B Notifications under Article 63.2
8. The representative of the United States said that his delegation had not yet submitted its notification due to a Government shutdown of a period of one month up to mid-January 1996, but would do so shortly. In preparing the listing of "other laws and regulations" as required by the relevant decisions of the Council of 21 November 1995 (documents IP/C/2 and 4), his delegation had taken very much to heart the obligation in these decisions to indicate the connection between the provisions of the national laws and regulations notified and the corresponding provisions of the TRIPS Agreement. In the near future, such a listing with cross-references would be submitted in respect of all their notified laws and regulations, not only "other laws and regulations". Also his delegation's responses to the checklist of issues on enforcement (document IP/C/5) were being prepared and could be expected soon. He expressed the hope that a large number of Members would submit notifications and was pleased with the notifications made and/or announced by Poland and the Slovak Republic. He wished to encourage, in particular, those Members which, in his delegation's view, were "recently developed countries" to make notifications at the time required for developed country Members. As regards the preparation of the review of notified legislation in July 1996, he supported the proposal that the Chairman hold informal consultations.