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I Review of Legislation on Copyright and Related Rights
57. The record of the introductory statements made by delegations, the questions put to them and the responses given (including certain written responses provided after the meeting) will be circulated in the following documents: IP/Q/AUS/1 Australia IP/Q/CAN/1 Canada IP/Q/CZE/1 Czech Republic IP/Q/EEC/1 European Community IP/Q/AUT/1 Austria IP/Q/BEL/1 Belgium IP/Q/FIN/1 Finland IP/Q/FRA/1 France IP/Q/DEU/1 Germany IP/Q/GRC/1 Greece IP/Q/IRL/1 Ireland IP/Q/ITA/1 Italy IP/Q/LUX/1 Luxembourg IP/Q/NLD/1 Netherlands IP/Q/PRT/1 Portugal IP/Q/ESP/1 Spain IP/Q/SWE/1 Sweden IP/Q/GBR/1 United Kingdom IP/Q/ISL/1 Iceland IP/Q/JPN/1 Japan IP/Q/LIE/1 Liechtenstein IP/Q/NZL/1 New Zealand IP/Q/NOR/1 Norway IP/Q/SVK/1 Slovak Republic IP/Q/SVN/1 Slovenia IP/Q/ZAF/1 South Africa IP/Q/CHE/1 Switzerland IP/Q/USA/1 United States