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I Review of Legislation on Copyright and Related Rights
60. The representative of Singapore acknowledged receipt of a letter from the United States delegation on 31 May 1996 and of the enclosed list of questions relating to Singapore's copyright laws. He informed the Council that his delegation, in responding to the letter of 18 July 1996, had drawn the United States attention to the procedures for the review which had been adopted at the TRIPS Council meeting of 9 May 1996, in particular to the first paragraph of the agreed procedures contained in paragraph 6 of the minutes of the meeting in document IP/C/M/7, which stated unequivocally that this "review will apply to the copyright and related rights legislation of Members obliged to comply with the TRIPS Agreement under Article 65.1 and of any other Members not still availing themselves in respect of this area of legislation of any longer transitional period to which they may be entitled". It had been on the basis of this provision and understanding that his delegation had indicated to the United States delegation that the review exercise currently under way was not applicable to Singapore. Singapore had assured the United States that it was committed to fulfilling its obligations under the TRIPS Agreement. The representative of Singapore gave a similar assurance to all other Members of the Council. In this regard, Singapore had already amended its Patents Act to bring it into line with the TRIPS Agreement. Singapore would continue with its efforts to bring its legislation into conformity with TRIPS obligations.