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États-Unis d'Amérique
I Review of Legislation on Copyright and Related Rights
66. The representative of the United States stressed the effort and resources required for delegations to examine laws and regulations of other countries and simultaneously respond to questions put to them by other countries; his delegation was not in a position to devote similar resources to more than one review exercise per category of intellectual property. He drew attention to Article 63.3 which provided that each Member shall be prepared to supply, in response to a written request from another Member, information of the sort referred to in Article 63.1. At any time, any Member could submit a written request for information to another Member, which, whether developed or developing, would be obliged by Article 63.3 to submit a reply. The representative of the European Communities expressed support for the views of the United States while underlining that the review had proved to be worth the enormous effort. The representative of India, with regard to Article 63.3, expressed the view that the provisions of that Article had to be read together with Article 65.2 and therefore did not apply to developing countries until the end of their transition period.