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Union européenne
E Review of the application of the provisions of the Section on geographical indications under Article 24.2
35. The representative of the European Community referred to a non-paper on this matter that his delegation had made available today. The non-paper highlighted the subjects that his delegation proposed to put on the agenda for the special review of the application of the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement on the protection of geographical indications. It also requested the Council to agree on a date for holding the meeting in order to start the review provided for in Article 24.2 of the Agreement before the end of the year. His delegation would still make a proposal to the Council for a multilateral system for the notification and registration of geographical indications as provided for in Article 23.4 of the Agreement in respect of wines. The first part of the non-paper was linked to Article 22.1 of the Agreement and addressed the issue of definitions of geographical indications. It identified a number of discrepancies in various WTO Members in this regard and suggested that the Secretariat draw up a comparative table of the definitions of geographical indications in force in those Members which had notified their legislation, in order to facilitate the Council's work. The second part of the non-paper dealt with the acquisition and enforcement of the rights in geographical indications as well as with the specific aspects of bilateral agreements. His delegation believed that it was important to look at the different systems relating to acquisition and enforcement and proposed that here as well the Secretariat draw up a comparative table showing the various systems which Members that had notified their legislation had set up in relation to the rights in geographical indications stipulated in the TRIPS Agreement. As far as bilateral agreements in this area were concerned, it was suggested that Members notify their bilateral agreements and that the Secretariat prepare a listing of such agreements.