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États-Unis d'Amérique
E Review of the application of the provisions of the Section on geographical indications under Article 24.2
38. The representatives of the United States, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil and Canada said that time was needed to study the Community non-paper carefully. The representatives of the United States and Canada referred to the review of national implementing legislation in the area of geographical indications along with such legislation in the areas of trademarks and industrial designs scheduled for the November meeting of the Council and were not convinced that a separate review under Article 24.2 would be necessary. The representatives of New Zealand and Norway added that, to the extent that the Community non-paper included proposals relating to enforcement, it should be borne in mind that that area would be the subject of a separate review in the context of Article 63.2 in the second half of 1997 and that delegations were preparing their responses to the checklist of issues on enforcement, which had to be submitted by the end of the year.