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G Follow-up to the review of legislation on copyright and related rights
57. The Chairman drew attention to his remarks on this matter at the last meeting of the Council (IP/C/M/8, paragraph 68). A question could be raised at a meeting of the Council but it would be more efficient for it to be provided in writing in advance to the Member concerned with a copy to the Secretariat. Continuing, he recalled that the general feeling of delegations at the end of the review exercise in July had been that, while it had required intensive work, there had been a general sense of satisfaction with the way in which the review had worked. One key lesson from the experience was the importance of having written questions available prior to the review as early as possible in order to provide time for written responses. He proposed that the issue be kept on the agenda of the Council, as a general item, so as to allow delegations, as the process evolved, to raise any point they wished.