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Ambassador W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
I Review of the application of the provisions of the Section on geographical indications under Article 24.2
54. The representative of Hungary said that his delegation was ready to start negotiations as foreseen in Article 24.1 of the TRIPS Agreement. Under the new laws of his country, additional protection was ensured for all geographical indications, not only those for wines and spirits as set forth in Article 23.1. Therefore, in principle, he could support the proposals made by the European Community as contained in its non-paper. His delegation favoured the establishment of a multilateral system of registration of geographical indications and wished to draw attention to the existing multilateral agreement concluded under the auspices of WIPO as well as to subsequent efforts undertaken in WIPO aimed at setting up an international treaty in this field: these exercises had generated specific knowledge in WIPO that might facilitate the preparation of work in the WTO. Furthermore, the Agreement between WIPO and the WTO provided for a basic framework for the utilization of this specific knowledge. Therefore, his delegation suggested that the preparatory work for the setting up of a new international system should be carried out in association with WIPO. As regards the proposed notification of bilateral agreements in the area of geographical indications, he expressed his delegation's readiness to notify its bilateral agreements. Finally, he believed that the preparatory process would be served by setting a timeframe for these notifications.