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Ambassador Carmen Luz Guarda (Chile)
E.iv Completion of the current review exercise and the review of newly acceded Members
35. The Chairperson said that, according to the schedule for the review of national implementing legislation currently taking place, as adopted in November 1995 (document IP/C/3), the Council would terminate this exercise by the end of 1997. However, Members would recall that there were four Members whose legislation was already subject to the on-going review but for whom the review would not have been completed by the end of the year, because they had joined the exercise late. These Members were Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic. She suggested that the Council complete the review of these Members in the spring of 1998. Furthermore, there were three Members who had acceded to the WTO during the period of the current review and who, while not applying a TRIPS transition period, had not yet been subject to the review. The review of these countries could be on the agenda in the autumn of 1998.