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Ambassador Carmen Luz Guarda (Chile)
G.ii Review of legislation on enforcement
55. After the consideration of the legislation of the Members subject to the present review exercise, the Chairperson said that a number of delegations had indicated that they would provide responses to some questions put to them in writing subsequent to the meeting. According to the procedures for the review, responses should be submitted within eight weeks after the meeting. She suggested that those responses, together with a necessary fine-tuning of preliminary responses already provided, be made available to the Secretariat by the end of January 1998, so that the records of the review could be produced without undue delay. 56. She said that she would not attempt to summarize the work under this agenda item and took it that delegations would need time to digest the large volume of information obtained through the review process. She recalled that the procedures adopted for these reviews provided that at subsequent meetings of the Council an opportunity would be given to follow up any point emerging from the review sessions which delegations considered had not been adequately addressed.