Compte rendu ‒ Conseil des ADPIC ‒ Afficher les détails de l'intervention/la déclaration

Ambassador Carlos Pérez del Castillo (Uruguay)
33. The representative of Australia, summarizing her delegation's written submission, said that several Australian government agencies were involved in the provision of incentives, either directly or indirectly, for Australian enterprises and institutions to engage in activities involved in technology transfer to least-developed countries. Australia provided such incentives at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels to contribute to the development of human capital, infrastructure and private sector enterprise in least-developed countries. Due to its geography, many Australian activities relevant to Article 66.2 were focused on countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The agency most actively involved in these activities was the Australian International Aid Agency ("AUSAID"). AUSAID's extensive range of programmes, many of which contained large technology transfer components, was delivered by the provision of monetary incentives to various Australian business enterprises, educational institutions and other organizations. Australia considered that the provision of money to enterprises and institutions not only qualified as an incentive to encourage and promote technology transfer to least-developed countries for the purposes of Article 66.2, but was possibly one of the most effective means of meeting its objectives. As indicated in the table and details of specific programmes in the written submission, a large proportion of AUSAID's activities were directed to education and training. Australia considered that the education of least-developed country nationals at Australian universities and their training in the use and management of technological equipment comprised two of the most effective means of transferring technology and know-how to which Australia had access. There were a range of other Australian agencies which ran programmes and projects that provided incentives, either directly or indirectly, to Australian businesses and other institutions to transfer technology to least-developed countries. These included the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, the Department of Defence, AUSTRADE and various State government departments. More details would be provided on the relevant activities of those organizations in due course.