Rapport des pays développés Membres sur la mise en œuvre de l'article 66:2 de l'Accord sur les ADPIC (au sujet du transfert de technologie aux PMA) ‒ Afficher les détails du document

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Liste des programmes/projets

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# Nom du programme ou du projet Membre(s) bénéficiaire(s) Catégorie technologique  
1 Good Working Conditions in Tanneries in Bangladesh
2 Higher Education and Leadership Development for Sustainable Textiles in Bang-ladesh
3 Integrated management of the coastal and marine areas of the Sundarbans and Swatch of No Ground
4 Integrated water resources management in context of climate change
5 Agricultural Development Program
Burkina Faso
6 Strengthening the efficiency of drinking water and sanitation services
Burkina Faso
7 Improvement of food security of former landless households in Cambodia
8 Sustainable textile industry in Cambodia
9 Food security and increasing resilience of local population and refugees in east-ern Chad
10 Agricultural Mechanisation for Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia (AMTP III)
11 Strengthening Rural Value Chains
12 Sustainable Training and Education Programme
13 Climate protection through forest conservation
République démocratique populaire lao
14 Health systems strengthening and epidemic prevention
15 Promotion of rural electrification through renewable energies (PERER)
16 Promoting an environmental-friendly construction material sector in Malawi
17 Sustainable Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in Mali
18 Integrated economic development in the extractive sector of Mauritania
19 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme
20 Support of on- and off-grid solar technology for inclusive economic development
21 Job partnership and SME promotion in Rwanda
22 Job Partnership and small- and medium-sized business promotion in Senegal
23 Program for sustainable energies PED II
24 Higher Education Program for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
25 Integrated expert focusing on local economic development and value creation in the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency
Sierra Leone
26 Strengthening resilience of IDPs, returnees and host communities in Baidoa District, Somalia
27 Strengthening resilience for a pro poor basic service delivery in Gumbo
28 Rural Development and Agriculture
29 Promotion of mini-grids for rural electrification
30 Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
31 Reform of the Water Sector in Zambia II (RWSII)
32 EZM 12 - Innovative potato production with zero-tillage and rice straw mulch
Bangladesh; Inde
33 Support to transboundary water cooperation in the Nile Basin
Burundi; Égypte; Kenya; Ouganda; République démocratique du Congo; Rwanda; Tanzanie
34 Project Development Programme Global (Phase 4)
Bangladesh; Botswana; Cambodge; Cameroun; Ghana; Jordanie; Kenya; Madagascar; Mali; Maurice; Myanmar; Nigéria; Ouganda; Pakistan; Rwanda; Sénégal; Viet Nam; Zambie
35 Make-IT in Africa II
Ghana; Namibie; Rwanda
36 Digital Skills for an Innovative Industry in the East African Community (EAC)
Burundi; Kenya; Ouganda; Rwanda; Tanzanie
37 Soil protection and rehabilitation for food security
Bénin; Burkina Faso; Inde; Kenya; Madagascar; Tunisie
38 Sustainability and Value Added in Agricultural Supply Chains
Burkina Faso; Cameroun; Inde
39 Digitalisation for East African Trade and Integration (DIGEAT)
Djibouti; Madagascar; Ouganda
40 Integrated expert at Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA)
Djibouti; Madagascar; Ouganda
41 International Agricultural Research
42 Strengthening vaccine and pharmaceutical production in Senegal
43 Capacity development for the implementation of Rwanda's National Climate Contributions (NDCs)
44 Promotion of sustainability in the textile and garment industry in Asia FABRIC
Bangladesh; Cambodge; Chine; Myanmar; Pakistan; Viet Nam
45 Implementing Adaptation Priorities in West and Central Africa (PACO)
Bénin; Burkina Faso; Mali; République démocratique du Congo
46 Clima intelligent Agriculture - and Food systems
47 Sun4Water
Kenya; Malawi; Mali; Niger; Togo
48 Labour market orientation of national TVET and employment policies
49 Digital Transformation in Togo
50 BioInnovation Africa II – African-European partnerships for biodiversity conservations
Afrique du Sud; Cameroun; Madagascar; Namibie
51 Market development and employment promotion in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency
Côte d'Ivoire
52 Energising Development
Bangladesh; Bénin; Bolivie, État plurinational de; Burundi; Cambodge; Guinée; Kenya; Libéria; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mozambique; Népal; Ouganda; République démocratique du Congo; Rwanda; Sénégal; Sierra Leone; Tanzanie
53 Local and Provincial Economic Development (LPED)
54 Capacity Development for Private Sector Development
55 Improved Competitiveness of National Enterprises in Cambodia
56 Climate-friendly cooking technologies: Kenya and Senegal
Kenya; Sénégal
57 Digital solutions for sustainable development
58 Strengthening the national agricultural extension and training system in Mali
59 Support for the development of Rwandan vaccine production