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United Kingdom
Intellectual Property Act 2014 (Commencement No 3 and Transitional Provisions) Order 2014
The Order brings into force ss 1-8, 9(1), 10(1) and 11- 21 of the IP Act and the Schedule to the Act. S1-4 amend the CDPA in relation to UK unregistered design right. Provision is made in relation to the definition of unregistered design right, initial ownership, qualification criteria and exceptions to infringement. S5 amends the CDPA in relation to designs registered at the EU's design registry and makes provision in relation to exceptions to infringement of UK copyright associated with such designs. S6-14 amend the Registered Designs Act 1949. Provision is made in relation to the initial ownership, the identity of the applicant, third party rights, UK entry to the Hague System, changes in ownership and the register of designs, remedies for innocent infringement, the opinions service, use of directions by the registrar, the offence of unauthorised copying and offences committed by partnerships. S15-19 and the Schedule amend the Patents Act 1977. Provision is made in relation to the recovery of damages for infringement, the patent opinions service, the Unified Patent Court, sharing information with overseas patent offices, patent applications in or for WTO members, third party rights, the adjustment of time periods, representatives of the Attorney General in proceedings, recipients of confidential disclosures in disputes as to Crown use, the correction of a typographical error and fees payable in respect of European patents (UK) that were revoked but subsequently restored. The Freedom of Information Act is amended to provide an exemption for information obtained in the course of, or derived from, a programme of research where a report of the research is to be published. S21 requires the Secretary of State to present to Parliament each year a report setting out how the activities of the Patent Office have supported innovation and growth in the UK.
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