Lois et règlements au titre de l'article 63:2 de l'Accord sur les ADPIC ‒ Afficher les détails du document

Chinese Taipei
The amendments were drafted in response to technological developments that facilitate educational instruction, the use of e-schoolbags, and the need for libraries to preserve their collections and provide digital services. Main amendments include the followings: 1. Fair use of copyrighted works by schools for registered students during distance learning (Article 46) 2. Not-for-profit remote education may use copyrighted works and are required to pay remuneration (Article 46bis) 3. Textbook preparers may transmit digital copies to teachers and students to meet the need for e-schoolbags (Article 47) 4. The National Central Library (NCL) may create a digital collection that is only accessible to visitors on the libraries intranet (Article 48)
lease refer to the website of the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to get more information about the Amendments to the Copyright Act. Website: http://www.tipo.gov.tw Contact email address: ipogp@tipo.gov.tw
Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs