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Plant Varieties (Proprietary Rights) Regulations, 1981 (S.I. No. 23/1981)
The Regulations which implement certain provisions of the Plant Varieties (Proprietary Rights) Act, 1980 prescribe: (1) the manner in which applications are to be made for the grant of plant breeders' rights, compulsory licences, extension of the period for the grant of rights, surrender of rights, registration of title, withdrawal of applications and refusal of applications; (2) the fees to be charged by and payable to the Controller of Plant Breeders' Rights in respect of applications, tests, rights granted and other matters provided for in the Act; (3) the particulars of applications and of decisions made by the Controller and information about other matters which are to be published in the Journal to be issued periodically by the Controller; (4) the provisions for the selection of names for plant varieties in respect of which rights may be granted; (5) the crop species to which the grant of rights under the Act applies viz. wheat, oats, barley, perennial ryegrass, potatoes and white clover.
See also IP/N/1/IRL/1 (Plant Varieties (Proprietary Rights) Act, 1980 (S.I. No. 24 of 1980) adopted on 14 July 1980)
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