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Federal Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
Definition of a work and its author, the existence, acquisition and scope of copyright and neighbouring rights, term of protection, copyright societies (rates and supervision), civil and criminal proceedings, Customs measures, etc. Adjustment following the complete overhaul of the regulations governing organization and procedure before the Federal Court, its previous bodies and appeals before the Supreme Court: incorporation of the Federal Appeals Committee for intellectual property issues into the Federal Administrative Court. Partial revision aimed at tailoring the protection of copyright and neighbouring rights to modern information technology. Amendments pursuant to the Federal Order approving two treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the revised Law on Copyright, aimed in particular at amending the existing law with a view to ratifying the new WIPO treaties (WIPO Copyright Treaty, WCT, and WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, WPPT). Amendments adopted in the framework of the review of the Law on Patents (national measures aimed at combating piracy in the field of intellectual property, in particular intervention by the Customs Administration).
Most recent amendments: Heading preceding Article 74, and Article 74: adopted on 17 June 2006, entered into effect on 1 January 2007 (RO 2006 2197) Heading, and Articles 19, 20, 22a to 22c, 24, 24a to 24c, 34, 40 and 52: adopted on 5 October 2007, entered into effect on 1 July 2008 (RO 2008 2421) Articles 10, 33, 33a, 36, 37 and 39; heading preceding Article 39a; and Articles 39a to 39c, 62, 67, 69 and 69a: adopted on 5 October 2007, entered into effect on 1 July 2008 (RO 2008 2497) Articles 62, 63, 65, 66a, 67 to 70, 72, 75 to 77, 77a to 77h and 81a: adopted on 22 June 2007, entered into effect on 1 July 2008 (RO 2008 2551)