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Federal Law on Agriculture (status as at 1 August 2008)
This Law replaces the Law on Agriculture of 3 October 1951. - Articles 14 to 16 (agricultural products and processed agricultural products): production methods, specific product characteristics, appellations of origin and geographical indications, register of appellations of origin and geographical indications. - Articles 63 and 64 (viticulture): delegation of authority to the Federal Council to define the concepts of appellation of origin, registered appellation of origin and indication of source (Article 63); grading of grape harvest lots (Article 64). - Article 166 (proceedings): administrative appeal procedure against decisions. - Article 172: criminal penalties for infringements of Articles 16 or 63. Article 16b: support for industry groups as regards the safeguarding of protected appellations of origin; Article 63 and 64: harmonization of wine classifications with food legislation; Article 172: introduction of a fine for infringements which are not subject to penalties involving a reduction in contributions or the exclusion of a right.
01/01/1999 ((Articles 28 to 45 and letters (l) to (n) of the Annex: entered into effect on 1 May 1999; Article 160.7 and Chapter 7 of the Annex: entered into effect on 1 August 1999))
Most recent amendments in respect of GIs: Article 16b, 26 (repealed), 37 (repealed), 44 (repealed), 57 (repealed), 63 and 64, 65 (repealed), 67 to 69 (repealed) and 172: adopted on 22 June 2007, entered into effect on 1 January 2008 (RO 2007 6095)