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Federal Law on the Protection of Topographies of Semi-conductor Products
Existence of protection rights, acquisition and scope of rights, term of protection, civil and criminal proceedings, topographies register, Customs measures, etc. Amendments following the adoption of the Federal Law on Electronic Signature Certification (SCSE; FF 2003 7493) and the identical provisions on electronic communication with the Federal Intellectual Property Institute introduced in the Law on Topographies (Article 16a LTo), the Law on the Protection of Trademarks (Article 40 LPM), the Law on Designs (Article 26a LDes) and the Law on Patents for Inventions (Article 65a LBI). The related Ordinances, namely the Ordinance on Topographies (OTo), the Ordinance on the Protection of Trademarks (OPM), the Ordinance on Designs (ODes) and the Ordinance on Patents for Inventions (OBI), have been amended accordingly. Repealed following the complete overhaul of the regulations governing organization and procedure before the Federal Court. Amendments adopted in the framework of the review of the Law on Patents (national measures aimed at combating piracy in the field of intellectual property, in particular intervention by the Customs Administration).
01/07/1993 (Article 17: entered into effect on 1 January 1994)
Most recent amendments: Editorial amendment (Articles 13 and 15); Article 16a: adopted on 19 December 2003, entered into effect on 1 January 2005 (RO 2004 5085) Article 17: adopted on 17 June 2005, entered into effect on 1 January 2007 (RO 2006 2197) Articles 5, 11 and 12: adopted on 22 June 2007, entered into effect on 1 July 2008 (RO 2008 2551)