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Regulation on the Fees Charged by the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property (consolidated version, status as at 2 October 2001) Amendments of 13 November 2001 to the Regulation
This Regulation replaces the Ordinance on the Fees Charged by the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property of 25 October 1995. Procedures for the payment of fees for the issue and maintenance of intellectual property rights (trademarks, designs, patents, topographies and miscellaneous administrative fees). Scale of fees. Accelerated trademark examination procedure fee. Abolition of annual renewal fees for the third and fourth years after patent filing (cost-reduction measure in favour of users). Amendments, including several designed to cut user costs: - reduced fees for electronic communication (maximum of 20 per cent of the fee initially due and under no circumstances over 100 Swiss francs) (Article 8(a)); - 20 per cent reduction in annual renewal fees for patents and supplementary protection certificates; - abolition or reduction of various processing fees; - fees for the international registration of marks pursuant to the Protocol of 27 June 1989 Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks. Amendments in favour of users: - reduction in trademark filing and extension fees; - possibility of payment by credit card. Amendments dealing mainly with the introduction of a new fee structure for designs following the entry into force of the new Law on Designs.
Amendment: - Article 8(a) and the Annex. Adopted on 15 May 1999. Entered into effect on 1 January 2000. (RO 1999 2632). - Article 6(a) and the Annex. Adopted on 22 May 2001. Entered into effect on 1 January 2002. (RO 2001 2385) Most recent amendment5: - Annex. Adopted on 13 November 2001. Entered into effect on 1 July 2002. (RO 2002 1136). A consolidated version of this Regulation has been submitted to the Secretariat (status as at 2 October 2001), together with a copy of the amendment of 13 November 2001; see document IP/N/1/CHE/O/7.