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Moyens de faire respecter les DPI
57. Please quote what provisions of your legislation authorize the competent authorities to order the destruction or disposal of infringing goods.
The Implementing Provisions on Customs Code, Article 120.1, states the General Directorate of Customs may suspend the release of the goods or seize the goods depending on the situation. The new Article 89(3) of the Law on Industrial Property (as amended by Law No. 8477, dated 22 April 1999) states: In addition to the measures specified in paragraph 2(a) of this Article, the Court may re-establish the situation that existed before the infringement and to stop infringing actions, to proceed with all effective seizure of the goods and, when necessary, to destroy illegally used marks, tools that could be used to manufacture the goods and the goods themselves in absence of possibility to remove any illegally used mark from such goods.