États-Unis d'Amérique
Marques de fabrique ou de commerce
8. Please describe the subject matter that can comprise a trademark under the trademark law of Barbados.
Under the provisions of the Trade Marks Act (as amended), section 4(1)-(3) contains the general definitions used therein. Section 4(4) states that marks can: "…consist of arbitrary or fanciful designations, names, pseudonyms, geographical names, slogans, devices, reliefs, letters, numbers, labels, envelopes, emblems, prints, stamps, seals, vignettes, borders and edgings, combinations or arrangements of colours and shapes of goods or containers." The above definition is subject to objections which may be taken to the registration of the mark on relative or absolute grounds, including the potential of a mark to mislead, deceive or be confused with a previously registered mark or a well-known mark, well-known names, and marks containing a geographical indication of such a nature as would mislead the public as to the true place of origin of the goods. [Please refer to sections 8 and 9 of the Trade Marks Act, 1981(as amended by the Trade Marks (Amendment)Act 2001-16) and section 20 of the Geographical Indications Act, Cap. 1998-22.]