États-Unis d'Amérique
Schémas de configuration (topographies) de circuits intégrés
19. Please describe in detail the protection for layout-designs of integrated circuits provided under the laws of Barbados, including the term of protection, and cite to the relevant provisions of law.
Section 6(2)(b) of the Integrated Circuits Act, 1998-21 expressly prohibits the importation, sale or distribution of the protected layout-design or integrated circuits that incorporate the layout design without the consent of the right holder. Section 8 of the Act provides that the duration of protection is for a ten year period from the first exploitation of the design anywhere in the world, or from the date of the filing of the application in the event that the design had never been previously exploited. As with the other industrial property statutes, the Act must be read in conjunction with its implementing regulations, the Integrated Circuits Regulations, 2001. Both the Act and its regulations have been notified to the TRIPS Council.