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4. Article 1 of Iceland’s Trademark Act states that trademarks may consist of symbols that can be printed. Please explain whether trademarks that are visually perceptible but which are not printed can be registered.
According to Article 1 of the Icelandic Trademark Act in English translation, trademarks may consist of any type of symbol which can be "printed". More precise translation would be "published in print" or "represented graphically" as in the trademark laws of the other Nordic countries. The interpretation of this provision in Iceland is that it is necessary to be able to show a trademark in print so that it can be published. But it is not a condition that the trademark as such is printed. It is for example possible to register the shape of goods or of their packaging if the applicant has provided a picture of the mark. The Icelandic language does not have a precise word for describing "represented graphically"; the word "printed" has been used instead. A proposal for a new Trademark Act has now been prepared. The proposal is expected to be approved by Parliament before the end of this year and enter into force on 1 January 1997. Article 1 has been changed in the proposed new law and the condition is that a sign shall be visually perceptible.