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Droit d'auteur et droits connexes
6. Please explain how the Italian copyright law provides protection for compilations or collections of unprotected materials, as required by TRIPS Article 10.
The compilations of data or other materials that, due to their selection or disposition of their contents constitute intellectual creations, find protection, in terms of "copyright" under the EEC Directive on the legal protection of databases, approved in March 1996. Italian law, at the moment, is protecting the collection, or anthologies of various works already "per se" protected (Articles 3 and 38, and subsequent of the Law No. 633/1941) in conformity with what is provided for by Article 2.5 of the Berne Convention. Italy, however, is obliged to implement the EEC Directive within the terms therein indicated (December 1997) and thus implementation of Article 10 of the TRIPS Agreement shall, of course, be in conformity with what is provided for in the aforesaid EEC Directive.