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Indications géographiques
11. Article 23.2 of the TRIPS Agreement provides that the registration of a trademark for wines or spirits containing or consisting of a geographical indication shall be refused or invalidated with respect to wines and spirits not having such origin. Article 4(1)(xvii) of the Trademark Law of Japan implements this provision as regards geographical indications from WTO Members. The Patent Office of Japan has adopted a list of those geographical indications registered with the International Bureau of WIPO which cannot be registered as trademarks in Japan. What provisions has Japan taken to update this list?
As a part of voluntary measures, which Japan has been taking to implement Article 23.2 of the TRIPS Agreement, the Japanese Patent Office has published, for an advance notice, a list of geographical indications whose registration could be refused under Article 4(1)(xvii) of the Japanese Trademark Law. More specifically, Japan has disclosed "the List of Geographical Indications for Wines and Spirits Registered with the WIPO International Bureau" in the Trademark Gazette of 23 June 1995. When the Japanese Patent Office obtains a revised edition of the said list, the revised list of geographical indications and the translations thereof will also be published.