Comptes rendus ‒ Session extraordinaire du Conseil des ADPIC ‒ Afficher les détails de l'intervention /la déclaration

Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
101. The representative of Argentina expressed her support for Australia's comments and suggestions on costs. She said that there was a direct relationship between the structure of the system and the costs involved. The question of cost was important for many countries, including those which were not wine producers. Actual figures concerning cost effectiveness were necessary. She disagreed with Switzerland about the hypothetical exercise nature of the paper. She also noted that the demandeurs were working on the assumption that there would be only three languages, English, French and Spanish, while there were also other languages involved. That was precisely the point she had made earlier to the EC representative when he dealt with the issue of translation: a country must know what it was protecting. If the Special Session wanted to make progress, it would be interesting at least to know the variables involved in each of the scenarios.