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Ambassador Eduardo Pérez Motta (Mexico)
C.i Scope and coverage
42. The representative of New Zealand said that she took paragraph 1 of the Declaration as a starting-point for any solution under paragraph 6. Although it was broadly recognized that the diseases listed were only illustrative, it was a useful tool to decide upon other diseases of similar magnitude. She said that initially New Zealand was of the view that, at a maximum, least-developed countries and developing countries should be part of the solution under paragraph 6. A number of countries would, however, like to see this reduced and yet others would like to see this increased. She said that Brazil's proposal that a Member could exclude itself if it wanted to, as well as the Swiss suggestion that OECD countries should be excluded, were both acceptable to her delegation. Also, she said, these two proposals were not mutually exclusive and could help in the event that the Council was not able to agree on any other means of recognizing different levels of need for a solution under paragraph 6. She was of the view that the Council should try and develop some broad and objective criteria to help in the self-assessment by Members.