Welcome to the e-TRIPS section on Information for Review under TRIPS Art. 24.2 (Responses to the Checklist of Questions on GIs)

In the context of the review of the application of the provisions of the Section on GIs under Article 24.2 of the TRIPS Agreement, the TRIPS Council, at its meetings in May and July 1998, invited those Members already under an obligation to apply the provisions in question to provide their responses to a checklist of questions contained in document IP/C/13 and IP/C/13/Add.1, it being understood that other Members could also furnish replies on a voluntary basis.

The options below allow you to search the database of responses to the Checklist of Questions on GIs. In particular, you can: (i) search, retrieve and download relevant documents; (ii) extract information of interest and generate customized reports; (iii) consult graphs and charts; and (iv) browse the list of Members having submitted relevant documents.