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Ambassador Eduardo Pérez Motta (Mexico)
United States of America
N.i Annual Updates on Technical Cooperation Activities
303. The representative of the United States said, introducing the US technical assistance report, that he was pleased to report that his Government had provided over 100 programmes since September 2001 for police, customs, judges, prosecutors and domestic industries in over 70 countries. The format of its submission in 2002 was slightly different from its past submissions due to a development of which he was particularly proud. For the first time, the information on US Government IP technical assistance programmes was being collected and displayed on the Internet. This database was available to the world at www.training.ipr.gov. The database was offered free of charge to any one with internet access. The database had been created by the Department of State Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, with the full endorsement of all IP agencies. He invited the Secretariat and all the WTO Members to visit the website to get up-to-date information on US Government as well as US industry programmes that were offered on intellectual property. This would give Members an up-to-date picture of the full range of programmes that were available to Members. He welcomed any expressions of interest from the Membership in any of the programmes that were identified on the website primarily through their local embassies.