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Ambassador Choi Hyuck (Korea)
326. The representative of Argentina said that the inclusion of this item on the Council's agenda was unfounded, because Article 68 of the Agreement provided that the Council would monitor the operation of the Agreement, in particular Members' compliance with their obligations thereunder. In a general way, this monitoring role saw to it that the Agreement was complied with. The Agreement contained various provisions such as Articles 24.2, 27.3(b), 66.1 and 63.2, which were monitored by the Council. Agenda item B provided an opportunity for Members to deal with questions of application and enforcement of the Agreement. The Council's regular agenda already covered various elements that had been mentioned. Furthermore, she referred to Article 7, which provided that the protection of IPRs should contribute to the transfer of technology, to the mutual advantage of users and producers, and noted that the document only hinged on one element. As to the EC proposal that the Secretariat sum up the replies to the Checklist on Enforcement, she said that this was not the right time to deal with this matter. This item should not remain on the Council's agenda. It did not represent the interests of the majority of Members. She also noted that the topic of the document had already been dealt with within the framework of WIPO.