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Ambassador Federico A. González (Paraguay) (24-25 October) and Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China) (17 November)
357. The representative of Tanzania supported the statement by the delegation of Angola and expressed her appreciation to the developed country Members for their reports. She said that Tanzania had submitted its assessment of priority needs for technical and financial cooperation in October 2010 pursuant to the Decision of the TRIPS Council of 29 November 2005. According to paragraph 2 of that Decision, all the least developed countries were required to submit their priority needs assessment preferably by 1 January 2008. However, given the various difficulties they faced, the deadline had not been met by many LDCs. 358. With regard to the submission of its assessment, Tanzania had benefited from the support of some Members, which had led it to believe that it would receive the necessary technical and financial support from developed Members and donors with a view to building its IPR trade-related capacity. However, one year afterwards, no Member or donor had fulfilled their obligations as yet under Article 66.1 following the submission of Tanzania's priority needs assessment. 359. Her delegation called on Members to fulfil their obligations to support LDCs pursuant to the TRIPS decision and requested developing country Members who were in a position to do so to help in that common task. Tanzania was in need of their assistance at present more than ever before, and with it other Members who had already submitted their needs assessments.