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Ambassador Dacio Castillo (Honduras)
World Trade Organization
O.ii Tenth annual review under paragraph 2 of the decision on the "Implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement"
245. The representative of the Secretariat said that, like in the past few years, the Secretariat was planning to hold a workshop on the implementation of Article 66.2 on 5 November 2012, back-to-back with the Council's next meeting. Following the format of the previous events, the workshop aimed to provide a forum for informal dialogue between LDC and developed country delegations. The primary objective of the workshop was to assist LDC Members to understand the contents and the background to the reports in that area. That workshop would be particularly valuable given that 2012 represented the due date for new detailed reports by developed country Members. The workshop could also provide an opportunity to discuss ways of facilitating the submission, processing and circulation of such information. 246. In addition, he recalled that the next in the series of technical cooperation workshops on IP and public health convened in close cooperation with WHO and WIPO was due to be held on 9 12 October 2012. The due date for nominations from developing country and economy in transition Members was 15 June.