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Ambassador Alfredo Suescum (Panama)
15.4 Proposal for an EU Directive on Tobacco Products
487. Australia commends the European Union and its members for the tobacco-control measures it has implemented to date, including its revised Tobacco Products Directive proposal. In addition to a range of measures, including mandating increased graphic health warnings, we understand that under the proposal, EU member States would be allowed to implement plain packaging of tobacco products as far as compatible with the Directive and EU law. In particular Australia welcomes the announcement by the current EU president, Ireland, that it will be taking the lead by introducing legislation to mandate plain packaging of tobacco products. 488. The proposed EU Directive is a legitimate measure designed to achieve a fundamental objective – the protection of human health, in particular, the protection of young people from smoking initiation and uptake.
15.11. The Chairman said that the delegations of Nicaragua and Cuba wished to make statements under "Other Business" concerning a proposal for an EU directive on tobacco products.

15.12. The representatives of Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Cuba, the European Union, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand took the floor under this sub-item. The statements will be reproduced in an addendum to the present document.

IP/C/M/73, IP/C/M/73/Add.1