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H.E. Ambassador Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter (South Africa)
53.   Canada would like to thank the WTO Secretariat for its ongoing work on the compilation of IP measures in the context of COVID-19. This list continues to serve as a valuable resource for WTO Members in identifying IP-related measures and sharing their respective practices and experiences in addressing COVID-19. This compilation also contributes to the broader principles of transparency and of promoting greater understanding of how IP measures can contribute to the global response to the pandemic. Canada was pleased to share its own recent IP-related measures in response to COVID-19 at the most recent, regular session of the TRIPS Council in October 2020, and looks forward to a further exchange of experiences with other Members. 54.   Canada also takes note of the corresponding link to the WIPO COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker on the WTO webpage on IP measures in the context of COVID-19, which similarly maintains a compilation of IP office measures in response to COVID-19, as well as information on legislative and regulatory measures. In the spirit of collaboration between the WTO and WIPO, as well as with the WHO, Canada would support any further work towards making these materials commonly accessible on each organization's respective websites, such as through a common clearinghouse of trilateral work on IP, innovation, and public health. 55.   On this point, Canada takes note of, and welcomes, the recent publication of the second edition of the WHO-WIPO-WTO trilateral study on "Promoting access to medical technologies and innovation", and would support any further discussion on avenues to develop resources and materials relevant to the response to COVID-19 in a coordinated manner, with a view to leveraging and drawing upon the extensive technical expertise of all three organizations.
The Council took note of the statements made and agreed to revert to this item at its next meeting.
15. The Chair recalled that this agenda item had been discussed in the Council since its informal open-ended meeting on 19 June 2020 and had been on the Council's agenda at its formal meetings since then. In light of broad support for a continuation of these exchanges at the preceding meetings, the item was on the agenda to facilitate exchange of views on measures undertaken as the pandemic persists.
16. As one basis for the Council's exchange, she referred to the compilation "COVID-19: Measures Regarding Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights" that was available from the WTO website and contained a non-exhaustive list of IP-related measures taken in the context of COVID-19, compiled by the Secretariat from official sources and verified by the Members concerned. This list was updated continuously, even if the rate at which new measures are brought to our attention had slowed considerably since the last meeting. She encouraged Members to inform the Secretariat of any measures that should be included on this list, as well as any update or information on the expiry, or end of application, of such measures. She invited Members to inform the Council on their measures.
17. The representatives of Chile; Canada; the European Union; Ecuador; South Africa; China; the Russian Federation; and Indonesia took the floor.
18. The Chair proposed that, in view of the continued interest on this agenda item, the Council agree to revert to the item at its next meeting, so that the exchanges can once again take place, including on the basis of the updated Secretariat document of COVID-19 related IP measures.
19. The Council took note of the statements made and agreed to revert to this item at its next meeting.
IP/C/M/98, IP/C/M/98/Add.1