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H.E. Ambassador Dr Lansana GBERIE
181.   Let me begin, on behalf of the Haitian delegation, by thanking the WTO Secretariat for organizing this important Workshop. My delegation would like to commend the efforts of developed country Members for providing general assistance in the area of technology transfer to LDCs through their various technical assistance programmes aimed at LDCs. 182.   However, in line with the implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement on incentives for technology transfer to LDCs, my delegation would encourage other developed country Members to fulfil their commitments to these small economies, with a view to helping them reduce the existing gaps between developed country Members and LDCs in the area of technology. Today, the issue of technology transfer is of paramount importance to developing countries, in particular LDCs. The issue is also cross-cutting, insofar as it relates to other areas, including security, infrastructure, renewable energy, climate change, agriculture, health, education and e-commerce. 183.   My delegation aligns itself with the statement delivered by the LDC Group to follow up on the TRIPS Agreement, and more specifically Article 66.2, relating to technology transfer concerns. We would also like to point out that LDCs are still waiting for the implementation of certain provisions, which has yet to take place since the Agreement was concluded. 184.   My delegation would also like to stress the importance of technology transfer in addressing illegal immigration and employment-related challenges faced by both developing and developed countries alike. We would also like to take this opportunity to draw Members' attention to the current lack of security in the country, which is having detrimental consequences across all areas because it threatens the very existence of the country's rights, including industrial and intellectual property rights. This situation should have been acknowledged some time ago. The field of intellectual property faces many challenges. Industrial property as a whole poses a major obstacle to economic development, and patent law, which dates back over a hundred years, does not reflect present-day realities and opportunities in the field of intellectual property. 185.   Given the situation, the Haitian delegation would also like to draw the attention of developed country Members to the cross-cutting role of technology transfer in peacekeeping, treating diseases and developing the country's economic and industrial sector. In accordance with Article 66.2, the Haitian delegation would like developed country Members to pay considerable attention to Haiti in relation to these issues.
48. The Council took note of the statements made.
43. The Chair recalled that the Council had conducted the Twentieth Annual Review under Paragraph 2 of the Decision on the Implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement at its meeting in October 2022. At that meeting delegations from developed country Members had briefly presented the updated reports they had submitted under Article 66.2, and the Council had agreed that it would revert to the item at the present meeting to permit continued consideration of the submitted material. He also recalled that, in July 2020, the LDC Group had circulated a new submission entitled "Proposed New Template for Annual Reporting under Article 66.2 of the Agreement on Trade-related Intellectual Property Rights" in document .
44. In order to give LDCs more time to absorb the information provided by developed country Members in their reports, and to ensure that these reports were available in the working languages of the WTO, the Secretariat had once again organized a "Workshop on the Implementation of the Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement" which had taken place on 14-15 March 2023, immediately preceding the meeting. The Chair indicated that a number of capital-based delegates who had participated in that Workshop were present at the meeting.
45. The Chair asked the Secretariat to report on this Workshop.
46. A representative of the Secretariat took the floor.
47. The representatives of Bangladesh, on behalf of the LDC Group; Tanzania, on behalf of the African Group; Sierra Leone; the United Kingdom; Nepal; Benin; Bangladesh; Switzerland; Haiti; Mali; the United States of America; the European Union; Australia; Japan; Canada; Norway; Malawi; and Sudan took the floor.
48. The Council took note of the statements made.
IP/C/M/107, IP/C/M/107/Add.1