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H.E. Ambassador Dr Pimchanok PITFIELD

195.  The delegation of Bangladesh aligns with the statement that will be delivered by the LDC Group. 196.  Under this agenda item, my delegation thanks developed country Members and IGOs for their support under TRIPS Article 67. My delegation also appreciates the Secretariat's plan for an informal workshop on the implementation of technical cooperation under TRIPS Article 67.

The Council took note of the statements and agreed to revert to the item at its next meeting.
43. The Chair recalled that the Council had regularly conducted annual reviews of technical cooperation and capacity-building activities at its end-of-year meeting and that these reviews were based on reports submitted by developed country Members, international organizations, and the WTO Secretariat.
44. A representative of the Secretariat stated that this review was usually conducted at the Council's last meeting of the year. Developed country Members were invited to submit information on their activities pursuant to Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement. Other Members who also engaged in technical cooperation were encouraged to share information if they so wish. Intergovernmental organizations with observer status in the TRIPS Council, as well as the WTO Secretariat, were also invited to report on their relevant activities. The requested written information should be made available four weeks prior to the next meeting, in order to allow timely circulation. In view of the dates of the next TRIPS Council meeting scheduled for 9-10 October 2023, he suggested that written information be submitted by 11 September 2023 by using the e-TRIPS Submission System.
45. The Chair suggested to proceed in line with this practice and conduct the next such review at the October meeting. The Council so agreed.
46. The Chair noted that the documentation provided on this topic had been usually quite extensive, and that in order to ensure a streamlined and systematic approach to the management of this information, the use of the e-TRIPS Submission System was advised for the convenient preparation of such submissions both in capital and at the Geneva missions. The Secretariat was available to provide support and background to delegations for the use of this system and could be contacted through the usual email .
47. The Chair invited the Secretariat to provide an update on their preparations for a workshop on technical cooperation and capacity building foreshadowed at the last meeting.
48. A representative of the Secretariat took the floor (document ).
49. The Chair urged Members to consult the reports to see what kind of assistance was available, and in which geographical areas, as this was important in the context of the development debate in the WTO. She noted the existence of technical assistance and capacity building activities between developing Members and encouraged all to notify such activities, and to update their relevant contact points and departments.
50. The representatives of Bangladesh; and Djibouti, on behalf of the LDC Group took the floor.
51. The Chair recalled that the Secretariat workshop on technical assistance and capacity building was planned for 11-12 October 2023. The representative of the Secretariat confirmed that it would continue its outreach to Members as the planning for this event progressed and invited anyone with questions to contact the Secretariat.
52. The Council took note of the statements and agreed to revert to the item at its next meeting.
IP/C/M/108, IP/C/M/108/Add.1