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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
European Union
D Organizational Matters and Work Programme
77. The representative of the European Communities had two comments with respect to the activities of the TRIPS Council, in particular, its responsibilities for monitoring the operation of the Agreement. The first comment concerned the question of patent applications under Article 70.8. Emphasizing the great importance his delegation attached to operationally relevant procedures under Article 70.8 and 70.9 in all countries that should have introduced such procedures with effect from 1 January 1995, he proposed that the implementation of these provisions be put on the agenda of the next meeting of the TRIPS Council. In this context, it would be helpful to have available prior to the next meeting, in addition to the notifications already received, the relevant legislation of all participants concerned relating to these provisions so as to permit examination at that meeting. Apart from discussing this matter in the TRIPS Council, his delegation remained, of course, fully open to pursuing related questions on a bilateral basis, if countries in question so wished. His second comment related to Article 23.4 of the Agreement concerning the establishment of a multilateral system of notification and registration for geographical indications, which was a matter that had been discussed at great length during the negotiations on TRIPS and which his delegation wished to address at an early opportunity in the TRIPS Council, preferably at the Council's next meeting.