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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
F Assistance of the Council in the Context of Dispute Settlement
55. The Chairman recalled that the question had been raised at the meeting of the Council for TRIPS on 9 March 1995 of the assistance that the Council might provide in the context of dispute settlement, in particular whether there was any need for action on the part of the Council to help ensure that the central indicative list or roster of panelists included persons with suitable knowledge of intellectual property matters. In the contacts that he had had, he had not sensed enthusiasm for establishing a separate roster in the TRIPS area, similar to that already foreseen in the services area, which would be folded into the central roster. He suggested, therefore, that the Council for TRIPS might simply draw to the attention of Members the desirability of ensuring that the nominations they made of potential panelists to be placed on the central roster include persons with experience of intellectual property matters viewed from a trade or commercial perspective.