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Mr. W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
G.ii Report to the Singapore Ministerial
45. The Chairman said that there had been some discussion about the timing of the reports that subsidiary bodies of the General Council should make to the Singapore Ministerial. These reports should be submitted in time for the General Council's meeting of 7 November 1996. This would mean that the TRIPS Council should adopt its report on 18 September 1996, although it could hold a short meeting at a later date for this purpose if it should so desire. He noted in this connection that, because of the need for the General Council to meet on 7 November and various other meetings at that time, he had suggested, in an informal note dated 21 March 1996, that the November meeting of the TRIPS Council be postponed by one week to 11-15 November 1996. 46. The Chairman invited comments on the nature of the report that the TRIPS Council should submit. No common format had been laid down and it had been left to each body to decide on a format and on the extent to which it would enter into an assessment or identification of problems or issues. However, the Chairman of the General Council had suggested that at least the following elements should be included: a section on implementation; progress on work under the built-in agenda; and an indication as appropriate of issues and problems which had been identified and recommendations if any.