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H Preparation for the Singapore Ministerial
47. The Chairman recalled that, at the last meeting, he had raised the question of the nature and timing of the reports that subsidiary bodies of the General Council should make to the Singapore Ministerial and that the Council had agreed that a decision should be taken at the present meeting concerning the general format of the report that the Council should send to the Singapore Ministerial. He made available to delegations an informal paper containing a draft outline on the basis of which the Council might request the Secretariat to prepare a draft report for consideration at the Council's meeting of 18 September. After discussion, the Chairman distributed a revised outline. He said that the Secretariat would circulate a draft report as early as possible in September which he proposed to take up in informal consultations prior to the Council's next meeting. He explained that the first three sections of the report would be essentially factual and descriptive in nature and that it would, therefore, be for the Secretariat to prepare a draft which would of course be without prejudice to the positions of delegations and which would take fully into account the facts and developments that would have occurred in relation to all three of those sections, including implementation. Section IV was in parentheses since its content, if any, would depend on further discussion among Members.