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Ambassador Carmen Luz Guarda (Chile)
European Union
G.i Review of the application of the provisions of the section on geographical indications under Article 24.2
53. In introducing the document in question, the representative of the European Communities said that his delegation had assembled, in greater detail than it had in previous non-papers with respect to other developed country Members, synoptic tables showing how the TRIPS Agreement and the protection of geographical indications worked in the European Communities and their Member States. The first table concerned the working of the different areas of geographical indications within the Communities while the second table reflected replies to six questions posed to all Community Member States. His delegation believed such synoptic tables to be useful for a better understanding of the situation in the Community, in particular as to the differences among its Member States. Comparing these tables with those presented earlier and reflecting the situation in some of the Communities' major trading partners showed even more discrepancies. He reiterated his suggestion that, in order to assist the Council in taking up the issue of the special review under Article 24.2, the Secretariat use the notified laws and other information that had been made available in the review of national implementing legislation for the preparation of such synoptic tables in respect of a significant number of developed country Members. Such a procedure would result in a significant value added to the review exercise, because the individual replies to individual questions would be presented in a systematic way. Moreover, the tables might also serve as a useful purpose in the context of the preparatory work for the establishment of a registration system for wines, and possibly other products, under Article 23.4. For the purpose of a proper assessment of the final objective of the work to be done under Section 3 of Part II of the Agreement, the issues to be dealt with in relation to Article 24.2 and those related to Article 23.4 had better be seen in conjunction with each other, despite differences as to the legal basis for the work.