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Ambassador Carmen Luz Guarda (Chile)
B Information on relevant developments elsewhere in the WTO
3. The Chairperson informed the Council that, in a communication dated 15 October 1997 (WT/DS50/6), India had notified its decision to appeal to the Appellate Body certain findings and conclusions of the Panel on India - Patent Protection for Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Chemical Products (WT/DS50/R). 4. Continuing, she said that, at its meeting on 16 October 1997, the Dispute Settlement Body had agreed to form a panel to investigate the complaint of the European Communities and their member States regarding patent protection for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products in India. The request for the establishment of the panel was contained in document WT/DS/79/2. The United States had reserved its rights as a third party to the dispute. 5. Finally, the European Communities and their member States and Japan had notified the Dispute Settlement Body, by means of a communication dated 7 November 1997, that they had reached a mutually satisfactory solution to the matter raised by the European Communities and their member States concerning the protection in Japan of performers and producers of sound recordings pursuant to the TRIPS Agreement (IP/D/4/Add.1).