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Ambassador István Major (Hungary)
C.i; C.ii; C.iii Legislation on copyright and related rights (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Slovak Republic); Legislation on trademarks, geographical indications and industrial designs (Bulgaria and Romania); Legislation on enforcement (South Africa)
When presenting answers that were still due from his delegation in the enforcement review, the representative of South Africa said that in dealing with the TRIPS Council his delegation had come to understand and appreciate the difficulties of undergoing a legislative review process within the context of major domestic institutional and legislative reform, and had learnt, and would continue to learn, important lessons from that. His delegation had always sought to appreciate the parameters for questions, i.e. the nature of the questions asked, the level of detail that had to be provided in responses and the number of questions. As many delegations would agree, TRIPS issues required great circumspection due to the nature of the obligations stipulated in the Agreement and, because dealing with them was resource-intensive, emphasised the capacity constraints which delegations such as his own faced. While acknowledging that answers to some of the questions posed still remained outstanding, he restated his country's commitment to its TRIPS obligations and the importance of the review process.