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Ambassador István Major (Hungary)
D.i Joint WIPO/WTO symposium
36. The Chairperson recalled that the Secretariat had organized, jointly with the International Bureau of WIPO, two workshops on specific aspects of technical cooperation. The topic of the first workshop, held in September 1996, had been "Border Enforcement Provisions of the TRIPS Agreement" and the topic of the second workshop, held in July 1997, "Technical Cooperation Aimed at Improving Human Resources and Institutional Capacities Required to Implement the TRIPS Provisions on Domestic Enforcement". He informed the Council that the Secretariat was planning to organize, jointly with WIPO, a third joint event, focusing on the process of implementation of the TRIPS Agreement. The intention was to hold the event this time at the WIPO headquarters. Its tentative date was 16 September 1998, i.e. a day before the TRIPS Council meeting scheduled for 17 and 18 September, which was also just one day after the WIPO Assemblies meeting scheduled for 7 through 15 September.
IP/C/W/568; IP/C/W/560/Add.7